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Uplevel Your Product Strategy with Design Thinking

Learn how to use Design Thinking to create products that are desirable, viable, feasible, and sustainable—and that align with your business goals. On September 10, our newest course, Agile Product and Solution Management (APSM) will be generally available. Search for a class today!


Survey on Scaling Agile Frameworks

Researchers from Aalto University in Finland, and IT University in Copenhagen want to know about the different Agile scaling frameworks that organizations are using to support large-scale Agile transformation. If you’re using any scaling approach or framework, please complete the survey. Responses are anonymous.

What Do You Think?

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New Episode and More Platforms

Explore how a media provider in the Nordics accelerated system deployments with SAFe to keep up in a fast-moving market. Listen on iTunes, Android, and Spotify!


Baseline Metrics in a SAFe Implementation

At some point during your SAFe journey, someone will always ask, “How do you know your Agile Release Train is making a difference?” The answer lies in key metrics. In this blog post, Em Campbell-Pretty with Pretty Agile (a Scaled Agile Partner) explains.

TIAA Wins Big with SAFe and DevOps

Onboarded clients to new products 50-percent faster. Reduced costs by 75 percent. Increased ROI by 400 percent. Read this CIO article to learn how asset manager TIAA saw these impressive results by combining SAFe and DevOps.

5 Tips for Leading a Great Inspect and Adapt Workshop

One of the most critical SAFe ceremonies to boost relentless improvement is the Inspect and Adapt (I&A) Workshop. In this article, Randy Smith from Icon Agility Services (a Scaled Agile Partner) explains why and shares his top tips.


New Workshop: Troubleshooting SAFe Implementations

Encountering some hiccups during your SAFe implementation? Then this just-added post-conference workshop at the Global SAFe Summit is for you. Learn how to identify and solve problems and get back on the path toward success.


Meetup: Seeing the Big Picture with SAFe Fellows

Hyderabad, India
September 4, 4:30 – 6:30 PM

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Meetup: DevSecOps in SAFe

Phoenix, Arizona
September 10, 12:00 PM

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