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SERC TALKS: Can DevOps Practices Be Applied to Cyber-Physical Systems Development?

Most people associate DevOps practices with software development. In this video, our own Dr. Steve Mayner explains how those same practices are just as effective in organizations building physical systems, such as satellites, fighter jets, and high-tech medical equipment.


Applying Empathy to Design Thinking

How do you explain design thinking to people who have no idea what it is? That’s just one key topic Scaled Agile’s Jennifer Fawcett tackles in this Accenture │ SolutionsIQ Agile Amped podcast

SAFe Business Agility Podcast

Need some help identifying value streams? Episode three of our podcast—now live on iTunes—has answers. Plus, learn more about the meaning behind WSJF.

P.S. The podcast on Android is coming soon, we promise!


The Enterprise Architect’s Ecosystem in an Agile Enterprise

These days, enterprise architects are “… becoming instrumental in making their corporation more agile.” Daniel Lambert explains why and how in this article.

State of Agile Report: 4 Key Trends to Watch

Not too surprising: DevOps is growing in importance. Very surprising: changes in what motivates teams to adopt Agile. In this TechBeacon article, Lee Cunningham at CollabNet VersionOne (a Scaled Agile Partner) summarizes the key findings.

5 Little Changes That Make a Big Difference in Your SAFe Transformation

How did SPC and SDP Mitch Molloy from Icon Agility Services (a Scaled Agile Partner) narrow down his initial long list of suggestions to just five? Hint: it’s probably something all of us could do better.


New Training at Global SAFe Summit

We’ve added Agile Product and Solution Management and Lean Portfolio Management to our pre-conference training agenda! Register now and be eligible to submit a Lightning Talk—always popular at every SAFe Summit.

Agile 2019

Speakers include Dean Leffingwell, Dr. Steve Mayner, and Richard Knaster on topics including business agility, TBM in government, and aligning strategy with execution.

Join us in Washington, D.C., August 5 – 9!


WEBINAR: SAFe’s CALMR Approach to DevOps

Harry Koehnemann, SAFe Fellow and Principal Contributor, Scaled Agile
June 28 | 11:00 AM
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CONFERENCE: Better Business Outcomes: Some Essential Ingredients for a Successful SAFe Implementation

Gerald Cadden, Senior Consultant, SPC
Beijing, China | July 7 | 9:10 AM
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