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Travelport Takes Off with SAFe® and MicroFocus

This global technology company adopted SAFe to deliver products faster, and turned to Micro Focus (a Scaled Agile Partner) to automate and scale testing, and unify a global team. Find out the successes Travelport is seeing and understand why DevOps is next on its agenda.

Webinar: Testing, SAFe, and Rational Quality Manager

In this webinar, Scaled Agile Partner, 321 Gang, presents How to Incorporate Testing in a SAFe Development Process Using Rational Quality Manager. Learn how the tool supports the SAFe process, measures software quality, and provides reliable test-result records for auditing purposes.


Agile Product and Solution Management

Be one of the first to learn how to execute a solid product strategy and optimize business outcomes with Design Thinking. First teach of our newest course, Agile Product and Solution Management (APSM), is happening August 13 – 15 in Boulder, Colorado. Understand the right mindset, skills, and tools you need to create successful products and solutions using Agile techniques. Sign up now!

A New Perspective on DevOps

After teaching SAFe® DevOps for a while, we’ve learned a lot and updated the course description and intent. Simply put, SAFe® DevOps is for everyone. People across technical, non-technical, and leadership roles learn how to work together to optimize the value stream and design a continuous delivery pipeline that’s tailored to their business. Register now for a class near you.


SAFe Business Agility Podcast

Did you know that SAFe is enabling smart devices to get even smarter? Learn how in the latest episode of our podcast—now live on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Plus, our hosts discuss Lean-Agile budgeting, and tackle dealing with unplanned work in SAFe.


Understanding Cost in a SAFe World

Organizations using project-based funding and timesheets within their SAFe implementations could be taking a step backward and creating more work for teams. Em Campbell-Pretty with Pretty Agile (a Scaled Agile Partner) explains why in this blog post, and offers a viable alternative using information you’ve likely already got.

Cisco IT: SAFe Bought Us Speed, Visibility, and Accountability

In rolling out Office 365 to 118,000 employees as part of its journey to the cloud, Cisco IT adopted SAFe. Read the blog post to learn why Cisco chose SAFe, how teams formed, why the implementation is thriving, and how the PO and PMs overcame serious skepticism.

The New Age of Agile: Evolving from teams to the entire business

Business agility is the next big move organizations should make to thrive in the 21st century. In this SD Times guest article, Dean Leffingwell explains what it is and the critical capabilities companies need to achieve it.


Early Bird Pricing Ends July 31!

Don’t miss these two key deadlines for the Global SAFe® Summit! Register now before early-bird pricing ends July 31, and submit your Lightning Talk by August 2.


Headed to Agile 2019 in August? Visit the Scaled Agile booth to take our business agility assessment, and catch presentations from Dean Leffingwell, Dr. Steve Mayner, Richard Knaster, Luke Hohmann, and more. Get the details in this blog post. We hope to see you there!


MEETUP: The Most Important Part of DevOps Everyone Skips

Marc Rix, SAFe Fellow and DevOps Product Manager at Scaled Agile
San Jose, California
August 6 | 11:30 AM
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